Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon

Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon - MMM

Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon

If you are about to visit Korea, do not miss out on the chance to explore the magnificent  Jeju Island. This amazing destination boasts an abundance of natural wonders and glorious landscapes that will take your breath away. Pristine white-sand beaches, stunning waterfalls, and a large volcano in the center of the island are just a smidge of what you can expect! However, we should not forget to mention the delights of traditional cuisine. 

The Island of Jeju is known for its extravagant crab and octopus seafood ramyeon. You simply cannot miss out on trying such an amazing delicacy. Trying local dishes is part of the whole experience, and seafood ramyeon is one of the best. So, when planning your itinerary for Korea, do not forget to add Jeju along with its delightful dish. 


Why is Ramyeon a Must-Try Dish in South Korea?

There are several reasons why you should definitely try ramyeon. It is not only because it is a well-known local delicacy. Everything about this dish is extraordinary, so our recommendation is based on the full experience that you might get. Here, we have shared everything you need to know about ramyeon, so you will see for yourself that you cannot omit trying it. 

  • Stunning Restaurants 

Jeju Island is known for its numerous restaurants offering delightful seafood ramyeon. Still, we do not refer to regular eateries you see worldwide but restaurants with outstanding settings and a noteworthy ambiance. 

You can eat your dish with a view of the ocean or under the starry sky of the island. Nothing is better than enjoying seafood with an amazing landscape in front of you. What we want to say is that you will get the chance to taste something really heavenly while being surrounded by spectacular scenery. Remember that a dish can taste way better when you are eating it in an excellent atmosphere. And that is exactly what most seafood restaurants in South Korea offer!

  • Delightful Ingredients 

The crab and octopus seafood ramyeon is not a star dish in Jeju Island for nothing. The combination of glorious ingredients is what makes this meal so special. Ramyeon is always prepared with fresh seafood, meaning that a tantalizing taste is more than guaranteed. The freshness of the ingredients is a top priority in the preparation of this dish. Moreover, while crab and octopus are the star ingredients, mussels and abalone also intensify the unique flavor. 

Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon

Along with seafood, some stunning flavors are added - Umami and several veggies create the perfect combination. You will not only get a delicious meal but also a colorful one. You will see many colors on your plate; you will not be able to stop staring at your dish. One bite, and you will see that this famous ramyeon will stick to your heart. 

  • Culinary Craftsmanship 

As we mentioned before, Jeju Island is a one-of-a-kind destination adorned with intricate authenticities. One of them is the culinary craftsmanship. The island prides itself on the excellent culinary skills the Korean chefs possess. It would be a pity if you missed out on a chance to try something so special. 

Remember that the best way to experience a different culture is through its cuisine, and the Korean one is something different. The blend of flavors and ingredients is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. We are talking about really unique skills here, so forget about anything you have tried in your country of Korean origin. Jeju is where you get to try the real masterpiece in the kitchen. 

  • Cultural Significance 

When we say that Korean ramyeon is more than a meal, we really mean it. It is a dish of cultural significance, one that Koreans cannot go without. Try to think of your local traditional meal, and then remind yourself how people feel about it. However, when it comes to Korean ramen, the story is much bigger and older. 

Namely, ramyeon began to develop its significance in the post-Korean War era. This dish has been a very important part of a famished and poor community. Once ramyeon was introduced, it took over the whole country. After 10 years, the dish has spread outside the country, and from that point, everyone knew about it. So, when you decide to try it, you will actually taste a piece of history. 

  • Why Do Koreans Love Ramyeon?

Since we are talking about a traditional meal, it goes without saying that its people will love it. It is something that reminds them of home even when they are in a foreign country. Nonetheless, there is another reason why the people of South Korea cannot live without this delectable dish. 

Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon


Furthermore, ramyeon is known as the island’s hangover cure. Many people who consume alcohol the previous night want to find their comfort in delicious food the day after, and for Koreans, that is an ideal dish for it. There are a lot of recipes that include different ingredients, but the combination of ramen and seafood is something magnificent. The island life requires a dish with unique ingredients and flavors, and Jeju people love it!

  • Can You Make Crab and Octopus Seafood Ramyeon at Home?

Jeju Island – Extravagant Crab & Octopus Seafood Ramyeon


Once you try seafood ramyeon, you will certainly want to enjoy it again. However, you will not have that opportunity once you return from Jeju Island. That is why many people try to find the perfect recipe and attempt to make it on their own. The truth is that you can find a recipe, but nothing will really taste like the original thing. As we mentioned before, eating a traditional dish tastes different in its country of origin. So, even if you have all the ingredients, you will never have the same feeling as the one you may get when you are on the actual island. But we are not mentioning this to discourage you. On the contrary, now you have a reason to come back and visit the island again!

It goes without saying that Jeju Island must be on your Korea travel itinerary. We promise you an experience of a lifetime, which you will never forget. It is a genuine destination to remember, with so many things to see and taste.

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