5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Golf Gloves

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Golf Gloves - MMM

Do you ever wonder why every professional golfer and seemingly every amateur golfer wear golf gloves? Well, there are a bunch of reasons and we will break down the top five for you below of why every golfer should wear one on their golf glove hand.

  1. Better Grip


It’s hard to argue that wearing a glove while golfing doesn’t give you a better grip on the club. Having a solid grasp of your club, regardless if it is a nine iron or a driver, helps from allowing the club to move around and possibly slightly slip while you take your swing.


You may not even realize or know that your grip is slipping if you aren’t wearing a glove but even the slightest and ultimately unnoticeable slip can negatively affect your swing. Having a full swing that is sturdy and unwavering is one one way to quickly help your golf game. To do that just wear a golf glove.


Mens golf gloves are very affordable, as well as womens. It’s one of the cheapest accessories a golfer can have that should last a long time. The best golf gloves for men will be comfortable and offer an enhanced grip on the club handle.


Sweat, water, dirt and other things can negatively affect your grip when not wearing a glove but they are all negated while wearing one on your golf glove hand.


  1. Golf Gloves Offer More Comfort


So you may say that not wearing a golf glove is more comfortable for you so you can get a real feel for the grip and club. The argument against that, even if you think it allows you to play better, is that the risk of discomfort or a blister over time is much greater. Unless you have extremely rugged or callused hands, over the course of 18 holes your hands will surely be blistered or in some discomfort.


No one can truly say they play better when they have blistered or sore hands. It may not happen every round that you play without gloves, but wearing the best golf gloves can only help. Golf gloves for men focus on grip but also padding, especially in the areas that receive the most friction during a golf swing.


Men's golf gloves are designed to keep your hands feeling fresh throughout an entire round. It can never hurt to have fresh hands and gloves just make it more likely you won’t have any discomfort. Wear a glove on your golf glove hand to mitigate the risk of hand tenderness.


  1. All Weather-Protection


We mentioned before that wearing a glove on your golf glove hand can protect against slippage due to sweat when it is hot out, but it also protects your hand in other variant weather. The most prominent weather condition that golfers need protection or support in is in the rain. Gripping and swinging a wet golf club with your bare hands is no easy feat. Golf gloves, similarly to football gloves but in a lesser way, can offer that stickum effect to the grip of the club.


Another common weather condition would be the cold. Holding and gripping anything with cold hands is not very enjoyable and a golf glove will keep that prominent hand warm to some degree. The best golf gloves are made of nice material that offers some added cold protection.


Finally,extreme dry weather can be rough on your hands and grip. Wearing a glove offers some protection from that and should keep your hands fresher throughout your round. Golf gloves for men are commonly soft but also durable so they protect and are comfortable in all these weather conditions.


  1. A Golf Glove Can Actually Improve your Consistency


What is the most important but also hardest thing about golf for pretty much any golfer out there? Consistency. Yeah sure you hit some amazing shots that land your tee shot on the green of the first couple par threes but can you hit every green on a par 3 or every green on your drives? Probably not. Golf gloves won’t make you do that either but they can help.


Mens golf gloves are designed to make it more comfortable for you to golf for four or five hours straight and play 18 holes comfortably. In addition to that, they are now being designed to actually improve your play. The best way to improve your play on the course is to make your swing more consistent. The grip and perfect fit of a golf glove gives you that ability to keep your swing in line from the backswing all the way through the follow through.


Eliminating the risk of having even a tiny bit of slippage from your hands on the club grip is worth wearing a glove. All the best golf gloves nowadays have added the ability to actually improve the consistency of your game. 

  1. Professionalism and Style

You want to look the part and look good out on the golf course. I mean, who doesn't? You probably already have spent a ton on your clubs, shoes, and shirts in order to look good, so why would you not wear a glove? Any golfer not wearing a golf glove is instantly seen as an amateur and someone who may not be that familiar with the game.

Wearing a golf glove not only is the professional look of “I know what I’m actually doing out here” but it also adds style to your golf fit. Having style out on the course is important. When you look good, you play good. Wearing that all-white glove or one that matches your shirt or clubs is just an added look to your golf style.