What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Glove?

What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Glove? - MMM

If you’re planning on hitting the golf course soon you might've noticed many golfers wearing a single glove. But have you ever wondered, "Why do golfers wear gloves?" and "Which hand should it be on?" 

Well, today we'll be helping you with these questions. Also, so that you can look the part while playing, and improve your golf, we’ll be showcasing some of the most stylish and cool golf gloves available.

What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Glove?

Golf gloves aren’t simply fashion accessories, (although the Pray For Birdie golf gloves do look amazing!) – they can genuinely improve your game. In golf the only part of your body that is in contact with the club is your hands, therefore maintaining a firm grip during your swing is vitally important. Wearing a golf glove can help to ensure consistent and powerful contact each time.

So, beyond being a style statement, there are some exceptionally cool golf gloves out there, but the main reason why you should wear a golf glove is to enhance the grip. With a golf glove, maintaining firm contact with your club becomes effortless, and means your hands won't slip from the grip during your swing.

There have been some top professional golfers over the years who have not worn a golf glove, however, a large percentage of PGA Tour golfers do choose to wear one – and if the world's best think it’s a good idea, you probably should too.

Also, if you enjoy playing golf on those hot summer afternoons or maybe get caught in a surprise drizzle on the course then sweaty palms or rain could make your club slip. That's where golf gloves come in useful, they offer stability and a better grip even in these conditions. Additionally, it also helps to prevent blisters or calluses if you play golf as much as we do!

Right or Left? Which Hand?

But which hand should you wear the golf glove on, right or left? The standard for this is that the glove is worn on the leading hand which holds the grip. A right-handed golfer's leading hand is the left hand, and if you’re a left-handed player, then you should wear the golf glove on your right hand.

You might have seen golfers out there who even choose to wear two gloves on the course. This is a personal option for them and is not a requirement. It can give you a better grip with gloves on both hands, however, as golf is also a game of finesse, wearing two gloves can reduce the feel in your hands meaning it might be harder to play with two gloves.

Whether you’re a lefty or a righty you can find both styles of golf gloves on our website when choosing any of our cool golf gloves.

What To Look For In A Golf Glove?

When you’re choosing a golf glove to improve your game you want one which gives a close fit, like a second skin, and can also offer an excellent grip in all playing conditions.

If you're looking for cool golf gloves that are stylish but also meet these criteria, then the Pray for Birdie White Golf Glove stands out as a great choice. It’s been crafted from upgraded microsoft suede fabric, meaning it promises an excellent grip on the club whilst offering excellent durability.

It also offers great breathability, so if you play in hot weather, the Pray for Birdie White Golf Glove also promises high performance even during the longest golf sessions.

Final Thoughts

While wearing a golf glove isn't strictly necessary, the advantages they offer are well worth the investment. Whether it's for the enhanced grip, the protective benefits on your hands, or just because you’ve found some cool golf gloves that match your style and vibe on the course, they’re the perfect choice.

So, next time you step onto the course and wonder why do golfers wear gloves, remember the crucial role of the golf glove. And for those seeking the perfect blend of contemporary style and functionality, you now have top golf gloves to choose from!