Mastering the Greens and Dominating the Fairways

Mastering the Greens and Dominating the Fairways

 Golf is a game of precision, strategy, and finesse, and to truly excel, golfers need to focus on mastering the fundamentals of both short game and driving.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the top areas of golf that every player should work on, offering detailed insights, expert tips, and effective drills to help you enhance your golfing prowess.

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  1. Short Game Mastery: Learning from Legends Phil Mickelson and Justin Thomas


Phil Mickelson's Short Game Expertise: Decision-making, Setup, and Execution


Let's delve into the short game prowess of Phil Mickelson, a true expert in this domain. Phil's proficiency was cultivated in his youth when his father installed a backyard green.


Through relentless practice and trial and error, including an incident where he bladed a flop shot through a neighbor's window, Phil learned valuable principles applicable to any amateur golfer aiming to improve around the green.


One of the key principles Phil emphasizes is the decision-making process and proper setup. Choosing between high and low shots, he adjusts the ball placement in his stance, either in the front or back. Many amateurs overlook this aspect, often opting for a middle stance, leading to inconsistent shots.


Phil stresses the significance of accurately reading the lie and adjusting his weight distribution accordingly. For fluffy lies, a 50/50 weight distribution suffices, while for thin lies, an 80/20 distribution towards the front leg helps achieve the desired steep angle of attack.


In terms of execution, Phil employs a technique he calls "The Hinge and Hold." Whether hitting a high or low shot, he maintains consistency in his action. For high shots, he positions the ball up in his stance with an open face, hinging the club back and maintaining the angle through impact. Similarly, for low shots, he plays the ball back with a closed clubface.

Phil ensures the angle between his club shaft and lead arm remains constant, preventing the clubhead from passing his hands. This consistency in hitting the ground at the same spot is paramount in mastering the short game.



Justin Thomas' Creative Shot-making Abilities: Mastering Cuts and Draws


Similar principles that we discussed for Phil apply to Justin Thomas's short game, yet there are distinctive features that set him apart.


Justin embodies creativity and artistry around the green, reminiscent of Tiger Woods. He fearlessly experiments with various shots, including cuts and draws, a technique not limited to full swings for top players.


Cuts: Justin opts for cuts when he needs extra spin. These shots land softly and check sharply. He uses significant cuts for specific situations, like holding the ball on a side slope or stopping it on a small tier. Executing cut spin involves slicing across the ball with an open club face, creating impressive spin and softness.


Draws: Conversely, draws are low shots ideal for climbing slopes or navigating grainy areas of the green. To execute a draw, use a slight in-to-out motion and release the club face, allowing the ball to hug the ground and swiftly run.


Embrace creativity and think beyond high or low shots; experiment with cuts and draws. Practice these techniques to paint your short game masterpiece, just like Justin Thomas does around the green.



  1. Driving Excellence: Strategic Play and Pressure Practice


Strategic Driving: Take Out One Side of the Golf Course


One crucial driving principle we recommend is eliminating one side of the golf course. This means adopting a shot shape with a predictable pattern and miss.


In professional golf, you often hear struggling players lamenting a two-way miss. Even though their shots may seem straight or slightly fading or drawing, this pattern becomes problematic on challenging tee shots or under pressure. It makes it hard to commit to one direction and select a suitable target.


To avoid this issue, it's essential to develop a consistent shot shape that suits your game, whether it's a cut or a draw. Stick to this chosen shape, deviating only when absolutely necessary. Take Jack Nicklaus as an example; he opted for a cut to eliminate the left side of the course. By mastering this one-way miss, he confidently chose targets, minimizing potential trouble.


Practice with Purpose: Simulate Pressure Situations


Our second tip emphasizes practicing with purpose, mirroring your actual gameplay, and introducing consequences for errant drives.


Mindlessly hitting drivers on the range can be counterproductive. Even the narrowest driving range is wider than a fairway, except perhaps at St. Andrews Golf Links on holes 1 & 18. Additionally, there are no repercussions for inaccurate drives on the range.


To address this, we recommend the following drill during your practice sessions:


Define your fairway by selecting two flags to hit the ball between. Make it challenging yet achievable, ensuring you can consistently hit within these boundaries.


Approach each drive as you would on the golf course, following your routine meticulously. Refrain from leaving the range until you achieve ten consecutive drives within the defined fairway. If reaching ten is challenging, consider adjusting the size of your fairway or setting a goal of five.


Implementing our first driving tip, focus on selecting a shot shape that eliminates one side of the defined boundaries, enhancing your ability to consistently hit within the desired area.


Mastering two of the most important areas in golf, short game and driving– is essential for every golfer seeking improvement. By focusing on the fundamentals, practicing purposefully, and using the right equipment, you can elevate your skills and enjoy a more rewarding golfing experience.


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